Sunday, October 29, 2006

SCTV on DVD Campaign

SCTV fans who want the entire Series to be released on DVD can get involved and let copyright holders know how much we would appreciate their music on the DVD's. This is a campaign for SCTV fans so we need your support! Be sure to read the Campaign FAQ for more details!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

SCTV on DVD Campaign FAQ

This is the campaign FAQ and if there are any questions here that I have not answered feel free to pass them on to me and I will answer them and even post them on the campaign site!

What is the SCTV on DVD Campaign?
The SCTV on DVD Campaign is dedicated to clearing the music that was cut from the SCTV DVD's which have been released by Shout! Factory. The Campaign is also dedicated to ensuring that all six seasons of SCTV are finally released on DVD, complete and uncut.

There are already two season of SCTV on DVD available right now. Why do a campaign for a series that is already on DVD?
The goal of the campaign is to ensure that all six seasons of SCTV get released on DVD complete and uncut. The hope is that eventually, the first four volumes of SCTV get a re-release some time in the future with all of the music that was cut finally restored.

Why go to all of this trouble for some music that was cut from the DVD's?
Replacing the music can, in many cases, destroy the very comic element of a sketch. In most cases, when SCTV used music in the shows, much of it was used in such a way as to be integral to the very fabric of that sketch. The whole context of the sketch is destroyed.

Shout! Factory worked very hard to clear as much of the music used in the orginal series as possible. Isn't this campaign just pointing the finger of blame?
No, not at all. The SCTV on DVD Campaign appreciates the work that Shout! Factory put into clearing music for the SCTV DVD's. We recognize that clearing music for the DVD's is not an easy task. We simply feel that SCTV fans and anyone who is interested can help Shout! Factory clear the remaining music cues for future DVD releases of SCTV.

The makers of SCTV never cleared the music for the series in the first place. Why should copyright holders allow their music to be used now?
Actually, many copyright holders were very forthcoming and struck a deal to allow their music to be used on the SCTV DVD's. We also believe that even though SCTV never cleared the music originally, there is still no reason for copyright holders not to strike a deal now. Copyright holders who have not allowed their music to be used on the SCTV DVD's up to this point are missing an opportunity to become a part of a comic legacy and they also miss out on potential income from DVD sales of the series.

SCTV was only a small series. Does SCTV really warrant the same kind of attention for clearing music as, say a show like The Simpsons or MASH?
Popularity is not the reason for this campaign. SCTV is a work of art that deserves to be preserved as the makers of the series intended it to be. Also, Shout! Factory would not have made the effort to clear the music used in the series if it wasn't popular enough.

Are we really in a position to bargain, after all, the copyright holders do have a right to decide how their music is used, right?
While it is certainly true that the copyright holders have the final word, we as the consumers of the DVD's have the right to be a part of the process. Copyright holders need to know just how much we would appreciate their contributions to the DVD's. We do pay for the DVD's at the point of sale and it is only fair that we have our voice heard.

Isn't this campaign just asking the Copyright Holders to give away their music for free?
Not at all. The intention of this campaign is that copyright holders be paid for their work. It is only right and fair that they are compensated for the use of their music. However, fans need to ask copyright holders to allow the use of their music for a more reasonable fee. Fans may also need to give Copyright Holders reasons other than just money. They need to know that we would appreciate their contribution to this Comedy Legend and that allowing their music to be used on the SCTV DVD's is a positive thing for everyone.

Where did the idea for this campaign come from?
I had no idea what could be done to improve the situation for SCTV on DVD. I searched the internet looking for ideas and found the Moonlighting DVD Campaign which was very successful at clearing all of the music for the series on DVD except for one music cut. Seeing how successful and organized they were, I decided to start a campaign for SCTV on DVD.

How can I get invoved in the campaign?
There are several ways for fans to contribute. Remember, this is Your campaign and there are several thing you can do to make a difference.

1. Write Letters
Fans can write letters to Shout! Factory to pass onto the copyright holders. You can easily print a letter of your choice from the Letters page. Sign it, seal it and mail it to Shout! Factory.

Letters page

2. Sign Petitions
There are two new petitions linked on the site and you can sign them online.

SCTV on DVD "Clear The Music" Petition

No more best of SCTV DVD sets - only complete seasons Petition.

3. Feedback
Your comments and suggestions are also important, remember, this is Your campaign, so take a minute and submit your comment or questions on the Feedback Page.

4. Email
Another way to get in touch with me is at

5. Guestbook
Don't want to fill in a form or send an email? Why not post a question or comment in the Guestbook.

6. Message Board
I have put together a message board that you can take part in and discuss the campaign at the SCTV on DVD Campaign ezBoard.

7. SCTV on DVD Blog
I have also put together an SCTV on DVD Campaign Blog which you might find interesting.

8. Spread the word
No campaign is a success without publicity. We need to spread the links for the campaign and for the petitions around the internet, so grab those links and spread the word!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Two [2] News SCTV DVD Petitions

Just as Justin Pate was putting together a petiton yesterday, I put one together at the same time as a response to one of his messages in the SCTV Google Group. Two petitions are better than one! Make your voice heard!

SCTV on DVD "Clear The Music" Petition
No more best of SCTV DVD sets - only complete seasons by Justin Pate.

It is also important that these links be passed on to as many places around the internet as possible. Commence saturation signing!

Shawn, webmaster
SCTV on DVD Campaign

Sunday, September 03, 2006

SCTV: The Best of The Early Years DVD

SCTV: The Best of The Early Years DVD
Street Date: October 24, 2006

Go to Shout Factory for details on The Best of The Early Years DVD

Go to Shout Factory for details on
The Best of The Early Years DVD

The next set will be a collection from Shout! Factory called SCTV: The Best Of The Early Years. Programs include some of the very best, including,

SCTV'S 30th Anniversary Special
Thursday Night Live
My Factory, My Self
The Irwin Allen Show
1984 - Big Brother
The Midnight Express Special
and many more!

Bonus Features:
Commentaries by executive producer Andrew Alexander, Robin Duke and Joe Flaherty, Looking Back with Andrea Martin,
The Mackenzie Brothers - Take Off
SCTV At The Firehall.

Let's make sure this is not the last SCTV DVD by taking part in the Letter Campaign and letting the Copyright Holders know that allowing the use of their music on SCTV is beneficial for everyone!
Also, it is now more important than ever to support SCTV on DVD, so make sure you get your copy on October 24th!


The SCTV on DVD Campaign is surely but slowly beginning to take on signs of life. The message for copyright holders needs to be positive and to show them that they are missing an opportunity to be a part of a Comedy Legend. It will not only enhance their reputation in the eyes of the fans of SCTV, but it will also be an effective way for more people to hear their music that otherwise never would.

The SCTV on DVD Campaign site is really just beginning. We need you. A Letter Campaign is probably the best way we can become directly involved. Copyright Holders need to get the messages from fans. And Letters can show them just how much we need them as they need us.

You can take part in the SCTV on DVD Campaign in several different ways.

The main site is the way to get the latest news and information. Important developments will be posted there.
SCTV on DVD Campaign Home Page.

There is also an ezboard I have begun. You can drop in there and discuss SCTV in general, the Campaign, the music situation and how to improve it, as well as any other topics related to SCTV:
SCTV on DVD Campaign ezBoard

All we need to do is write those letters and let copyright holders know just how much we would appreciate it if they would cut a deal with Shout! Factory, who have done a very good job for SCTV, but now it's time for fans to put their two cents in and help SCTV!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moonlighting DVD Campaign

I am sure many SCTV fans remember the series Moonlighting. However, what many of you may not know is that a major fan campaign was started to see to it that Moonlighting was released on DVD, complete and uncut!

Now, if we as fans of SCTV could start a campaign like this one, then maybe we could actually see all of the music restored to SCTV!

I have passed along an email to the Moonlighting site for advice and I do plan to start a website for a campaign.

Here is the link to the Moonlighting site:

While there, why not sign their petition?


Monday, June 05, 2006

A Love Letter from Lola Heatherton

Guy: And now, here she is... LOLA HEATHERTON!

Lola Heatherton
Miss Lola Heatherton Thank you, Guy. So, SCTV really seems to really need help. I know all of you boys out there like SCTV! And all of you ladies, too. And Lola loves SCTV! And Lola loves you!

So... I am asking every SCTV fan out there to take part in the SCTV on DVD Campaign... and for everyone of you that does... I ... will personally bear ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN... HAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Unless of course you're a woman... and in that case... I will do it with any of your boyfriends and husbands... and bear all of your children for you...HAAA HA HA HA HA HA!!

So, if you love me... and Lola certainly loves you... write letters to the copyright holders so they will know that we apprecaite their music... we don't even have a studio anymore to hold a telethon... so write those letters .. or you will leave me... hurting!!

(This post is pure satire)

A Message From SCTV President, Mr. Guy Caballero

Announcer: "And now an urgent and important message from the President and Owner of SCTV and Caballero Satellite Systems, Mr. Guy Caballero! Come in GUY.... !

Mr. Guy Caballero
Mr. Guy Caballero: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman... my name is Guy Caballero, President and Owner of SCTV, and don't you ever forget it!

I'm here today to talk about the situation with SCTV on DVD. Now, some smart cookie at Shout! Factory decided to pick up our programming and release it on DVD. And to them I say a hearty thanks!. The trouble now is that copyright holders just don't know how much SCTV relies on their music and contributions. We want them to know that the use of their music on SCTV is positive, profitable and worthwhile!

SCTV needs your help. So grab that pen and paper and start writing and let those copyright holders know that allowing their music on SCTV is good for everyone. We really need your support so that we can continue to bring you the same high quality programming that you were used to seeing on SCTV before.

So, write those letters! This is Guy Caballero signing off for SCTV.

Announcer: That was an urgent and important message from the President and Owner of SCTV and Caballero Satellite Systems... Mr Guy Caballero!

Guy: You're darn tootin!