Sunday, September 03, 2006

SCTV: The Best of The Early Years DVD

SCTV: The Best of The Early Years DVD
Street Date: October 24, 2006

Go to Shout Factory for details on The Best of The Early Years DVD

Go to Shout Factory for details on
The Best of The Early Years DVD

The next set will be a collection from Shout! Factory called SCTV: The Best Of The Early Years. Programs include some of the very best, including,

SCTV'S 30th Anniversary Special
Thursday Night Live
My Factory, My Self
The Irwin Allen Show
1984 - Big Brother
The Midnight Express Special
and many more!

Bonus Features:
Commentaries by executive producer Andrew Alexander, Robin Duke and Joe Flaherty, Looking Back with Andrea Martin,
The Mackenzie Brothers - Take Off
SCTV At The Firehall.

Let's make sure this is not the last SCTV DVD by taking part in the Letter Campaign and letting the Copyright Holders know that allowing the use of their music on SCTV is beneficial for everyone!
Also, it is now more important than ever to support SCTV on DVD, so make sure you get your copy on October 24th!


The SCTV on DVD Campaign is surely but slowly beginning to take on signs of life. The message for copyright holders needs to be positive and to show them that they are missing an opportunity to be a part of a Comedy Legend. It will not only enhance their reputation in the eyes of the fans of SCTV, but it will also be an effective way for more people to hear their music that otherwise never would.

The SCTV on DVD Campaign site is really just beginning. We need you. A Letter Campaign is probably the best way we can become directly involved. Copyright Holders need to get the messages from fans. And Letters can show them just how much we need them as they need us.

You can take part in the SCTV on DVD Campaign in several different ways.

The main site is the way to get the latest news and information. Important developments will be posted there.
SCTV on DVD Campaign Home Page.

There is also an ezboard I have begun. You can drop in there and discuss SCTV in general, the Campaign, the music situation and how to improve it, as well as any other topics related to SCTV:
SCTV on DVD Campaign ezBoard

All we need to do is write those letters and let copyright holders know just how much we would appreciate it if they would cut a deal with Shout! Factory, who have done a very good job for SCTV, but now it's time for fans to put their two cents in and help SCTV!